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Hairy Pony

Wash Bay Bundle

Wash Bay Bundle

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Now available in Natural or Purple!

The HAIRY PONY WASH BAY BUNDLE is the ultimate wash bay solution for your horse! This thoughtfully curated collection of our most popular wash bay products has everything you need to keep your horse looking & feeling their best.

By popular demand, the HAIRY PONY WASH BAY BUNDLE is now available in NATURAL or PURPLE. The NATURAL bundle contains our original NATURAL SHAMPOO & HAIR REPAIR, and is perfect for all coat colours. The PURPLE bundle contains our DOUBLE STRENGTH PURPLE SHAMPOO & PURPLE HAIR REPAIR which are ideal for whitening yellow, brassy or urine-stained lighter coats, manes & tails.


Wash Bay Brush - NEW!

Firmer than a sponge yet still flexible, the new eco-friendly HAIRY PONY WASH BAY BRUSH features natural cactus fiber bristles that offer a gentle, deep cleanse of your horse's coat & skin, as well as a wheat fiber handle & rope to hang dry.

Gold Metal Spray Bottle (1L)

Our eco-friendly reusable, refillable HAIRY PONY GOLD METAL SPRAY BOTTLE (1L) is both durable & stylish. Simply refill with your favourite HAIRY PONY liquid refills & you’re ready to go!

Wash Bay Bag

Keep all your wash bay products organised & within reach with our durable & quick-dry HAIRY PONY WASH BAY BAG.

Gold Sweat Scraper

Effortlessly remove water from your horse's coat with our luxury HAIRY PONY GOLD SWEAT SCRAPER.

Natural Shampoo (500ml) or Double Strength Purple Shampoo (500ml)

Specially formulated to cleanse, hydrate & nourish the coat & skin, HAIRY PONY NATURAL SHAMPOO leaves your horse's coat clean, shiny & luxuriously soft. Our HAIRY PONY DOUBLE STRENGTH PURPLE SHAMPOO is an intense yellow, brassy & urine stain remover, ideal for lighter coloured coats.

Hair Repair (250ml) or Purple Hair Repair (250ml)

Revitalise & strengthen dry or damaged manes & tails with HAIRY PONY HAIR REPAIR. Neutralise yellow or brassy stained manes & tails whilst nourishing & hydrating, with HAIRY PONY PURPLE HAIR REPAIR.

Essential Oil Coat Conditioner (100ml)

Enriched with natural essential oils, HAIRY PONY ESSENTIAL OIL COAT CONDITIONER deeply moisturises your horse's coat & skin, promoting a healthy, glossy shine.

Compressed Sponge

Durable & super absorbent, the softer HAIRY PONY COMPRESSED SPONGE makes soaping up your horse quick & easy. Expands up to five times the size in water.

Compressed Scrubbing Sponge

Easily remove built-up dirt & grime from deep within the coat with the HAIRY PONY COMPRESSED SCRUBBING SPONGE.

Silky Serum (100ml)

Achieve silky-smooth & luxuriously shiny manes & tails with HAIRY PONY SILKY SERUM .

Microfibre Towelette

The HAIRY PONY MICROFIBRE TOWELETTE is perfect for cleaning & drying delicate areas like faces, as well as hot oiling with HAIRY PONY ESSENTIAL OIL COAT CONDITIONER after bathing.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I really appreciated the extra effort it took when I finally found the right employee who cared!

Cathi Owens
What a find!!

We love this kit! We made sure we got the purple shampoo for white horses with it and holy smokes! Our paint horse just gleams!! Our mare smells so good and the scent lasts! I will definitely be ordering more of the shampoo but in the largest quantity I can get!
The bag is amazing as well. Having a mesh base helps with the drying of everything inside. I know I hated reaching in finding soggy and sometimes smelly items.

This is a MUST and gets you started on your Hairy Pony journey with your horse. ❤️🐴❤️

Torah B.
Wash Bay Bundle

Great, practical and stylish set of essentials for the wash bay.
Beautiful products. I look forward to adding more Hairy Pony products to my collection.

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