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Hairy Pony is the brainchild of a professional groom who simply couldn't get the right products for the job, so she made them! We know it’s tough work being a groom & we want to help & support all grooms as much as we can.

  • Abigail Hogue

    I started working for Katrina Hiller in the spring of 2018 with very little experience under my belt. I had come from a small western barn with very basic horses. I didn’t know how to do any dressage braid, sewn, or banded, and I had never gotten a horse ready for a show. Just 5 years ago there were so few resources for new grooms, I really had to dig and experiment to figure out what I was doing. Through this digging, I found Hairy Pony, and this was back when one of their only products was Taming Wax! At the time, I was battling how to braid a stallion in our care with thick, wire-like hair. It was shortly after that I decided to make my Instagram page, @FEIGroom. I wanted to share the things I had learned, the products I had grown to love, and the experiences I am able to have. Since I made this page, I have met so many wonderful people and made valuable relationships with other grooms, small business owners, and horse owners that just want to make their horses look the best they can.

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  • Airlie Princi

    I have been in the horse grooming industry for almost 25 years, specializing in clipping and show presentation, which is my passion.  My clients have named me the horse detailer as I do pretty much everything there is to do regarding presentation and take the utmost pride in each and every aspect.  I love seeing my client's horses out there looking their best and knowing I played my small part to help, be it in the show ring, dressage arena, event course or pony club.

    I love all the Hairy Pony products but can’t go past my first love of the Essential Oil Coat Conditioner.  It is the number one product I recommend to all my clients, it helps to nourish the freshly clipped coat so that it does not dry out over the harsh winter months and in the show ring, there is no need for dust attracting coat sprays when the Coat Conditioner is applied after the pre-show wash, they gleam from within.

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  • Brooke Dougall

    I am a competitive International 3* Event rider that was offered the opportunity to groom for a Japanese Show jumping Olympian in the early months of 2022. 

    I have been based overseas now for over a year and have attended many events. One of which was the 2022 World Equestrian Games (WEG) held in Herning, Denmark.

    Choosing just one favourite product is hard!!  Back home (Australia) my favourite would definitely be the quarter marker brush as it makes getting those crisp lines so much easier
    however as we don’t do quarter markers here (Germany), another favourite would have to be the taming wax as we try to do 30 plaits it can be hard to have them all look neat!! I find the taming wax not only helps with the loose hairs, but also helps strengthen the plait which makes it 10 times easier to roll!! 

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  • Cassy Gadsby

    I am a mum (and step mum) of 2 lovely girls who are my world. I live in little ol’ Cornwall, which is right at the bottom of the UK where everyone eats pasties and clotted cream scones (jam on first). I have some beautiful Iberian horses and also some sheep and a pig. My life is hectic and slightly mad, but I love it.  In the day I work with primary school children with special educational needs and in the evenings and at weekends I coach and also travel around the country turning out horses for events. 

    I have used the HP products for years and I was so happy it was my little secret weapon for so long but now everyone knows about them. Which is amazing, though my secret to my amazing plaits is now out.  

    I’m blessed to be an ambassador for HP as I’ve been asked to use other products before but nothing turns out like HP products. 

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  • Chloe Fleming

    I’m a 19 year old girl from the Hawkesbury who enjoys prepping horses, helping people out and competing with my small team of ponies.

     I have five horses/ponies, three of which I compete. One is an ASH colt which I’ve just broken in, a little Welsh A gelding and a QH cross gelding. Definitely, a variety of horses to share between disciplines, I’ve just started in the ASH stuff and am enjoying all the different things you can do with them. I started riding when I was 8 and fell in love with it from the start.

    In the photos, I’ve used your plaiting wax, thread, forceps, quarter marks comb and detangler. My favourite product would have to be either the watermelon detangler as not only does it add shine to your horses tail and gets rid of the knots it also smells great and doesn’t attract dust. And the plaiting wax I find very sticky therefore is able to control all those pesky fly aways.

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  • Ebony Darnell

    A little bit about myself is I was raised around horses so have been involved in them for my whole life, I have done multiple disciplines including showing and eventing my main focus now is Arabians I bought my first purebred Arabian Breathtaker FF while working at Future Farms I now own 4 purebred Arabs! You will see me mostly working at Arabian shows with Re- Ality Arabians or out competing. 

    My favourite Hairy Pony product is really hard I love them all… my all time favourite product that was my first ever purchase from Hairy Pony and converted me to the dark side would have to be the Taming Wax! I love how effortless it is, it also goes a long way so there is no waste, it isn’t tacky it applies perfectly and helps all my plaits hold together for days on end and still look
    fresh and presentable makes it so much less stressful on show days when you have such an incredible product to help take away the hard work!

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  • Ebony Toole

    As both a full-time dressage groom and an eventer myself, I have been a long time user of many of the Hairy Pony products. I have a few ‘top pick’ products but being someone who made a plaiting apron out of spare material in the back cupboard at around 10 years old, the highly innovative plaiting apron made by Hair Pony is a very firm favourite of mine.

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  • Iliana Robin

    I have been grooming professionally for seven years across all disciplines including Eventing, Dressage and Para Dressage. 

    I’m always very passionate about the horses presentation and love making them look their best. My grooming style is self taught, I learnt mostly from YouTube and trial and error.

    I absolutely love Hairy Pony! The quality that comes with all their products makes such a difference in the horses coats and manes and tails and truly and gives the horses a truly spectacular show finish. 

    My favourite product would have to be the Hairy Pony Taming Wax. I have used it on so, so many different manes and it is just so easy to use and makes your plaits so neat and tidy.

    I love how you can wash it out so easily and there is no more sticky residue left on manes after a show.

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  • Kate Rose

    I am a passionate equestrian groom who loves to keep horses has shiny as can be. I proudly own a rescued OTTB named Hazellina and together we are conquering the world of dressage.

    I am an absolute fan of the Hairy Pony brand for a few years now and my must-have item is the Hairy Pony Plaiting Kit. 

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  • Kelly Breuls

    I’m Kelly, originally from Belgium and I work as head groom for Megan Jones. I also have my own grooming and clipping business on the side. I’ve been working as a competition groom in the equine sport industry for over 5 years and am very passionate about working with horses!

    My favourite hairy pony product is by far the plaiting apron! It makes life so easy having all my plaiting gear in one spot and I especially love the magnets
    for the needles and the system for the plaiting tread making it easy to grab the length you need!

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  • Zoe Boyce

    I was born and raised in the United Kindom for 21 years where I grew up riding and working at the local stables. From the age of 18 I started my professional career working with eventing and dressage horses. Age 21 I flew to New Zealand to experience life on the other side of the world, where I worked for two years with eventing horses.  I then jumped the ditch to Australia and have been here ever since. For the last four years I have been based with Mckinnon Sport Horses. We have a strong team of beautiful dressage horses. I was introduced to Hairy Pony and didn’t look back!

    As a professional groom, I would be lost without the Hairy Pony Plaiting Apron and Hairy Pony Taming Wax. Having a large team of horses away at shows, it’s all
    about time efficiency. The Plaiting Apron keeps everything I need in one place neat and organised. The Taming Wax help keeps my plaits in overnight to save on having to re-plait every day. 

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