How-to Create Stunning

Quarter Marks

Using our Quarter Mark Kit

  • Horse Grooming Spray Bottle

    Step One

    Brush the coat free from loose hair & dirt.

  • Step Two

    Wet the coat by spraying water or diluted Essential Oil Coat Conditioner all over the rump area, ensuring even coverage.

  • Step Three

    Brush the hair with the QTR Mark Brush in the natural direction of the hair.

  • Step Four

    Smooth your horse’s coat to be a shiny flat surface using your Merino Wool Polishing Mitt.

  • Step Five

    Spray the coat with QTR Mark Spray to add shine & hold your patterns.

  • Step Six

    Using the QTR Mark Comb or Brush create your patterns by brushing in the opposite direction of the hair’s natural lay.

  • Step Seven

    Once your marker shapes are complete, as an optional extra glimmer lightly spray the Shimmer Spray all over the rump.

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How-To Video

Our Quarter Mark How-To Video is coming soon! Please check back again later.

Top Tips

to create sharp Quarter Marks

  • Flatten the Coat

    If the coat is a little fluffy or long you can start by spraying a bit of water or diluted essential oil coat conditioner to dampen it & sit it flat.

  • Choose Your Design

    Choose styles that accentuate your horse’s conformation or your own style. If your horse has a slopy shape rump you could try a ‘crown’ to give the appearance of it being more rounded.

  • Get the Right Angle

    If your horse is tall you can stand on a step to ensure the markers are the same on both sides from the top.

Quarter Mark

Design Inspiration

Vertical Bars

Create simple yet effective bar patterns by brushing the hair in the opposite direction to the natural lay


Easily create the zig-zag quarter mark pattern using six brush strokes. This makes the rump appear more rounded

Create Your Own

Get creative with your own custom designs!

Some Popular

Quarter Mark Patterns

  • Vertical Bars

  • Large Checkers

  • Small Checkers

  • Zig-Zag

  • Crown

  • Sharks Teeth

  • Numbers

  • Create Your Own