Brush Care

Tips to maintain your Hairy Pony brushes.

Brush Cleaning & Maintenance

Our brushes are made with exceptional quality materials to give you & your horse the best grooming experience possible. Our brush handles are hand-crafted with beechwood which is both durable & beautiful when properly maintained long term.


By design our brushes do not require too much maintenance. However, if your brushes become too dirty over time, you may find it takes more effort to remove dust & dirt from your horse's coat. Cleaning your brushes from time to time will allow the bristles to remove maximum dust & dirt from your horse's coat with ease.

How Often Should I Clean my Brushes?

How often you clean your brushes will really depend on how regularly they are used - the more your brushes are used, the more regularly you may need to clean them. Visible dirt & grime on the wood, handle & gold buttons of your brushes will give a good indication that they may need a clean. Grey-brown dust build up may appear at the base & on top of your brush bristles - another sign that your brushes may need cleaning.


Before Cleaning

If your brushes are covered in dust, dirt & grime like this one, it's time for a clean!


After Cleaning

Your brush is beautifull clean & the bristles have been rid of dirt - they can now perform at optimum, removing all that excess dust & dirt from your horse.

Important Brush Care Tips

To properly clean & care for your brushes, you should ensure you:


•  ALWAYS store your brushes in a box or bag

•  ALWAYS ensure your brushes are dry before putting them away

•  NEVER submerge or soak in water

•  NEVER leave outside exposed to the elements

•  NEVER use harsh cleaning chemicals

How to Clean Your Brushes

Follow our simple step-by-step guide to have your brushes looking pristine & brand new again in no time!


Step One

Wipe any excess dirt, dust or grime from brush handle & wood back using a damp cloth.


Step Two

Using cold water, rinse the bristles.


Step Three

Add a very small amount of silicone free shampoo (like our Natural Shampoo) or wool wash & gently massage into the bristles to remove built up oil & dirt. We recommend a gentle, silicone free shampoo to prevent the bristles from getting damaged, dried out or covered in a build up of harsh silicone.


Step Four

Rinse the shampoo from the brush, massaging the bristles gently to ensure that there is no residue left behind.


Step Five

Dry excess water from the brush using a towel. Leave to dry in a warm spot without direct sunlight, with the bristles facing downwards.


Step Six (Optional)

If required, tarnish can be cleaned from gold buttons on the handle strap using a polish such as Brasso. Be very careful not to get any harsh metal cleaners on the strap or wood parts of the brush!