Collection: Hairy Pony Kids

Introducing the Hairy Pony Kids grooming range! We have specifically redesigned many of our most popular products for kids. Grooming is now easier and more fun for young riders, with our range that can be customised!

By popular demand, our Plaiting Apron and Plaiting Kit are now available as part of our all-new Hairy Pony Kids range! We have reimagined our game-changing plaiting apron. Now tailored specifically for kids, making it easier & more fun than ever for kids to get involved & plait up their show-stopping ponies. Made from the same durable material as our Hairy Pony Plaiting Apron. Featuring colourful rainbow accents, our Kids Plaiting Apron includes all of your favourite features. From our flagship apron, including comb slots, mesh & material pockets, thread reel & magnetic needle cushion.