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About Hairy Pony
Hairy Pony Australia was born out of the need for high quality, functional & stylish horse grooming products within Australia. From humble beginnings in a beautiful little country town in Victoria, Australia, Hairy Pony has quickly grown to become one of Australia's leading manufacturers & online retailers of horse grooming products. We now proudly hold a reputation for producing exceptional quality, thoughtfully designed & functional horse grooming products, with luxurious style & class.
Meet Grace

FOUNDER, OWNER & DESIGNER OF HAIRY PONY "Presenting horses is a big passion of mine & grooming is something that I highly enjoy. As an 8 year old, for my first pony club rally I spent hours on the Saturday bathing, plaiting & primping my pony with hair ribbons. We turned up to pony club the next day to see that nobody one else had their pony plaited up...! But all my instructors commented on what a great job I had done plaiting my pony & how nice it was to see how much effort I put in! I specifically remember one instructor saying that a judge will always highly respect the amount of effort you put into your presentation, no matter the discipline or how well behaved your pony is. I felt really proud that day & it was the beginning of my lifelong love for horses & horse grooming. From that day I always had my horses trimmed, tidy & clean, and by the time I was a young teen I was plaiting for other riders at competitions. From there the word spread, and I was asked to present horses for some of the most fastidious & successful show horse teams - there was nothing better than watching a horse I had prepared trot out into the ring absolutely gleaming. Through my grooming, there grew a demand for me to hold 'How-To' Clinics across Australia, which I loved doing! Meeting people & horses from all different industries gave me an insight in to what consumers wanted in their horse grooming products. Throughout my grooming career, I had always plaited with a wax type product, but there was nothing out there on the equine market to accommodate this. The highly artificial, chemical-based sprays would not only dry out the horses mane, but also leave my fingers sore, cracked & sticky after a long day of braiding. This is how the Hairy Pony journey began - with our flagship product, the revolutionary Taming Wax! We have since expanded to include a large range of horse grooming products, fuelled by my passion to design & create products from scratch that our customers love! It is a very long process to develop ideas that are different & innovative but it is something that we at Hairy Pony are very proud of. The following & support we receive from our community is nothing short of amazing & drives us to continue to grow & bring you more game-changing horse grooming products."