About Hairy Pony
Hairy Pony Australia was born out of the need for high quality, functional & stylish horse grooming products within Australia. From humble beginnings in a beautiful little country town in Victoria, Australia, Hairy Pony has quickly grown to become one of Australia's leading manufacturers & online retailers of horse grooming products. We now proudly hold a reputation for producing exceptional quality, thoughtfully designed & functional horse grooming products, with luxurious style & class.
Meet Grace

FOUNDER, OWNER & DESIGNER OF HAIRY PONY "Presenting horses is a big passion of mine & grooming is something that I highly enjoy. As an 8 year old, for my first pony club rally I spent hours on the Saturday bathing, plaiting & primping my pony with hair ribbons. We turned up to pony club the next day to see that nobody one else had their pony plaited up...! But all my instructors commented on what a great job I had done plaiting my pony & how nice it was to see how much effort I put in! I specifically remember one instructor saying that a judge will always highly respect the amount of effort you put into your presentation, no matter the discipline or how well behaved your pony is. I felt really proud that day & it was the beginning of my lifelong love for horses & horse grooming. From that day I always had my horses trimmed, tidy & clean, and by the time I was a young teen I was plaiting for other riders at competitions. From there the word spread, and I was asked to present horses for some of the most fastidious & successful show horse teams - there was nothing better than watching a horse I had prepared trot out into the ring absolutely gleaming. Through my grooming, there grew a demand for me to hold 'How-To' Clinics across Australia, which I loved doing! Meeting people & horses from all different industries gave me an insight in to what consumers wanted in their horse grooming products. Throughout my grooming career, I had always plaited with a wax type product, but there was nothing out there on the equine market to accommodate this. The highly artificial, chemical-based sprays would not only dry out the horses mane, but also leave my fingers sore, cracked & sticky after a long day of braiding. This is how the Hairy Pony journey began - with our flagship product, the revolutionary Taming Wax! We have since expanded to include a large range of horse grooming products, fuelled by my passion to design & create products from scratch that our customers love! It is a very long process to develop ideas that are different & innovative but it is something that we at Hairy Pony are very proud of. The following & support we receive from our community is nothing short of amazing & drives us to continue to grow & bring you more game-changing horse grooming products."

Meet Our Advisory Board
Our products are thoughtfully designed for all horse riders. Our dedicated team of professionals from all facets of the Equestrian Industry, from elite athletes to veterinary professionals, assist us in developing exceptional horse grooming products that are fit for purpose, safe for your horse & luxuriously stylish.

Eliza Henry-Jones

RESEARCHER, AUTHOR & HAIRY PONY ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY EXPERT Eliza lives on a regenerative flower farm in the Yarra Valley with her family & horses. She is a researcher, author & freelance writer who has written for the likes ABC Organic Gardener, The Guardian, The Big Issue, Country Style amongst many others. Eliza is passionate about the environment & sustainability, and in her spare time is preparing for her first Equestrian Australia dressage competition after a five year break! Eliza's favourite Hairy Pony product is a tie between the face brush, 2-in-1 Detangle & Shine Spray & the Essential Oil Coat Conditioner.

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Madi Allan

PROFESSIONAL DRESSAGE RIDER & HAIRY PONY PRODUCT EXPERT Madi is a professional dressage rider based in Queensland. Her affinity and connection with animals started from an early age. What may have started as mustering on foot at her father’s farm, has grown into a career in the refined sport of dressage. She has produced dozens of horses for sale and competition. With a background of professional show turnout to a national level, Madi brings a wealth of experience to the team. All the Hairy Pony products are used and loved by Madi. Though a daily favourite would be the diluted Essential Oil, which is sprayed over each horse after every training session. The 2 in 1 Detangle & Shine is also religiously sprayed in every tail before brushing, to avoid snags and knots.

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HAIRY POOCH PRODUCT TESTER & EXECUTIVE SNUGGLER Jack is the newest member of the Hairy Pony team & plays a crucial role as Executive Snuggler & Hairy Pooch product tester.

Meet Our Ambassadors
Hairy Pony proudly sponsors a number of passionate horse riders throughout Australia & New Zealand. Our Ambassadors compete & work with horses across a range of disciplines, from showing to eventing. Our Ambassador program allows us to give back to our community by supporting up-and-coming riders in their career & providing oppourtunities to work with Hairy Pony at a professional level, helping to trial, shape & promote our ever-expanding line of horse grooming products.
Show Jumping

Claudia Studdert

Claudia is an Australian Showjumper based in Sydney. She competes regularly with her two competition horses, Larry and Don. “My favourite Hairy Pony products are definitely the organic Hair Repair mask & their beautiful brushes! 🖤”

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Emma Watson

Emma is a decorated show jumper based in Morrinsville, New Zealand. Emma has ridden for New Zealand five times in children’s teams, including two FEI Finals in Mexico & China. Emma is currently competing with 'Maddox Latino' in Young Rider & Grand Prix, and hopes to jump in a World Cup Qualifier sometime soon! Emma also has big hopes for her young horse, 'Hunter NZPH', who has just turned five. Emma loves all of her Hairy Pony products, but has a few favourites that can always be found in her stable - "I cannot be without the gorgeous Brush Kit set! This set comes with 4 high quality brushes that cover all your needs - face, mane & tail, body & dandy. And what makes them extra special is that you can have them engraved & they look stunning!" Emma also loves her QTR Mark Kit with the QTR Mark Brush & Comb, which is a must-have when she is out competing - "so easy to use & make my horses look smart every time they enter the ring ❤️

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Tom McDermott

Tom has been riding since the young age of six year old, and grew up riding across many disciplines. Tom found success in the show jumping ring early on in his career, loving the adrenaline rush of jumping, and has never looked back. Tom won his first Junior Australian Show Jumping title at the age of 12, becoming the youngest rider to do so. At only 17 years old, he won his first World Cup at Gawler in South Australia - something he will never forget. Tom holds the current title of Australian Senior Champion.

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Elizabeth Krog

Elizabeth is a highly decorated and well regarded Australian Show Rider. Presentation is key for each of Lizzy’s horses that hits the ring and she is no stranger to the winners circle. Equestrian Victoria Champion Open Large Show Hack 2021 and South Cross Spectacular Grand Champion Open Horse 2021. “I love and present all my open and hunter horses with Hairy Pony. My favourite is the QTR Comb for crisp and precise quarter makers”.

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Sally Bond

Sally is a show horse rider based in the South East of South Australia. Sally began riding in her early teens & won her first state titles shortly after: 2014 & 2015 Dual Champion Junior Rider of the Year at SHC & ESA HOTY shows; 2016 Champion SHC HOTY & ESA Runner Up. Sally now competes with her galloway - 'Toleia Park Mercury Rising' - with the new combination qualifying in 2020 to compete at the EA Show Horse Nationals & SHC Grand Nationals. Sally & Lucas are proud Hairy Pony ambassadors - "we believe that these products are innovative, effective & add the 'winning touch' on show day."

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Saskia Hind

Saskia Hind is a 3* eventer & professional groom from Queensland, Australia. “Presenting horses is one of my biggest passions & being on the Hairy Pony team allows me to try & test the best new products out there." "You’ll never see me without a Hairy Pony product in sight! I love all of the Hairy Pony range, but at the moment my go to products are the new Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bars & my holy grail Taming Wax!”

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Laura Wallace

Laura is a 4* Australian Event rider who also enjoys dabbling in dressage riding. Originally from New Zealand, Laura has been calling Australia home for the last 13 years, where she lives & competes with her horses. "My favourite Hairy Pony product is the Essential Oil Coat Conditioner, it not only keeps the horse's coat and skin healthy but it smells incredible too."

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Tilly McCaroll

Tilly is a 20 year old 3* eventer with a passion for retraining & reselling thoroughbreds off the track. Tilly has three beautiful competition horses, one being an off the track thoroughbred she retrained & produced herself, now competing at 3* level. "Taking pride in presentation is such a big thing, not just in the high levels, but also at the lower levels. Having your horse (& yourself) looking sensational at an event (or even clinic) means having the best products & I believe Hairy Pony has all your ‘go to’ grooming products." "My favourite product is the Quarter Mark comb - I couldn’t do quarter marks prior to using this tool & now I am almost a pro!! Makes everything quick & easy." 🦄🧡

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Olivia Palfreyman

Olivia is a dressage rider & coach from the Hunter Valley NSW. Olivia is fortunate enough to have a stable of young performance horses with whom she has enjoyed a lot of success across the Australian dressage & show arenas. "As an always-busy competitor & horse owner, I love my presentation products to go that extra mile without over-complicating our routines & Hairy Pony’s range of natural products has always stood out to me for that reason. My favourite product is still the Essential Oil Coat Conditioner, as it really helps the sensitive-skinned horses shine & be comfortable all year round. The Purple Toner Shampoo Bars come a close second as I do own a lot of white legs.”

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Edwina Hutton-Potts

Edwina is a 27 year old dressage rider based in the beautiful Southern Highlands, New South Wales. Edwina started riding when she was 7 years old after her family relocated to the country from Sydney & progressed from weekly riding lessons into a lengthy career in the show ring. In 2014, Edwina began her dressage career after purchasing her one-in-a-million schoolmaster - 'Heathmont Echo' - who also carried her to a number of career highlights in the show ring. Edwina's passion lies with dressage now, and she counts herself incredibly lucky to have a team of super young horses to train & compete with. "For me personally, a horse that looks well & performs well is the complete package, so I am incredibly thankful for the support of team Hairy Pony & the part they play in helping my team shine - literally!"

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Aiyana Levin

Aiyana Levin is 26 years old from the Southern Highlands NSW, Australia. “I work part time as at a local marketing agency in communications and media and I ride my small team of horses and give lessons in my spare time. All my horses (and pooches) are groomed and prepared with Hairy Pony and have been for over three years now and my horses and I absolutely love their products!”

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Amelia White

Amelia is an Australia-born dressage rider who is based in Germany. Not only is Amelia an incredibly talented & dedicated rider, she is also a lawyer & pilot! Amelia represented Australia at the 2020 Paralympics with her wonderful mount 'Genuis' & is no stranger to the world stage! “I absolutely love the Hairy Pony 2 in 1 Detangle & Shine Spray. It’s an absolute must in our kit & came with us all the way to Tokyo to keep Genius’ enormous tail looking amazing!”

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