Hairy Pony Brand Ambassadors

Hairy Pony proudly sponsors a number of passionate horse riders throughout Australia & New Zealand. Our Ambassadors compete & work with horses across a range of disciplines, from showing to eventing. Our Ambassador program allows us to give back to our community by supporting up-and-coming riders in their career & providing oppourtunities to work with Hairy Pony at a professional level, helping to trial, shape & promote our ever-expanding line of horse grooming products.

Show Jumping / Eventing

  • Emma Watson

    Emma is a decorated show jumper based in Morrinsville, New Zealand. Emma has ridden for New Zealand five times in children’s teams, including two FEI Finals in Mexico & China. Emma is currently competing with 'Maddox Latino' in Young Rider & Grand Prix, and hopes to jump in a World Cup Qualifier sometime
    soon! Emma also has big hopes for her young horse, 'Hunter NZPH', who has just turned five.

    Emma loves all of her Hairy Pony products, but has a few favourites that can always be found in her stable - "I cannot be without the gorgeous Brush Kit set! This set comes with 4 high quality brushes that cover all your needs - face, mane & tail, body & dandy. And what makes them extra special is that you can have them engraved & they look stunning!"

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  • Saskia Hind

    PaSaskia Hind is a 3* eventer & professional groom from Queensland, Australia.

    “Presenting horses is one of my biggest passions & being on the Hairy Pony team allows me to try & test the best new products out there."

    "You’ll never see me without a Hairy Pony product in sight! I love all of the Hairy Pony range, but at the moment my go to products are the new Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bars & my holy grail Taming Wax!”

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  • Laura Wallace

    Laura is a 4* Australian Event rider who also enjoys dabbling in dressage riding.

    Originally from New Zealand, Laura has been calling Australia home for the last 13 years, where she lives & competes with her horses.

    "My favourite Hairy Pony product is the Essential Oil Coat Conditioner, it not only keeps the horse's coat and skin healthy but it smells incredible too."

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  • Emma West

    Emma West is a a 3* eventing rider from QLD.

    She works full time in the family business as well as keeping my eventing horses in work.

    Emma feels having the best presented horses at every event.. whether it is a local training show or an International is something she takes pride in.

    "My favourite Hairy Pony product would have to be the Plaiting Apron. It makes plaiting up so easy having everything organised and not constantly losing your needle or scissors or thread!"

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  • Elizabeth Krog

    Elizabeth is a highly decorated and well regarded Australian Show Rider.

    Presentation is key for each of Lizzy’s horses that hits the ring and she is no stranger to the winners circle. Equestrian Victoria Champion Open Large Show Hack 2021 and South Cross Spectacular Grand Champion Open Horse 2021.

    “I love and present all my open and hunter horses with Hairy Pony. My favourite is the QTR Comb for crisp and precise quarter makers”.

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  • Sally Bond

    Sally is a show horse rider based in the South East of South Australia. Sally began riding in her early teens & won her first state titles shortly after: 2014 & 2015 Dual Champion Junior Rider of the Year at SHC & ESA HOTY shows; 2016 Champion SHC HOTY & ESA Runner Up.

    Sally now competes with her galloway - 'Toleia Park Mercury Rising' - with the new combination qualifying in 2020 to compete at the EA Show Horse Nationals & SHC Grand Nationals.

    Sally & Lucas are proud Hairy Pony ambassadors - "we believe that these products are innovative, effective & add the 'winning touch' on show day."

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  • Aiyana Yuill

    Aiyana Yuill is from the Southern Highlands NSW, Australia. “I work part time at a local marketing agency in communications and media and I ride my small team of horses and give lessons in my spare time. All my horses (and pooches) are groomed and prepared with Hairy Pony and have been for over three years now and my horses and I absolutely love their products!”

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  • Amelia White (Germany)

    Amelia is an Australia-born dressage rider who is based in Germany. Not only is Amelia an incredibly talented & dedicated rider, she is also a lawyer & pilot!

    Amelia represented Australia at the 2020 Paralympics with her wonderful mount 'Genuis' & is no stranger to the world stage!

    “I absolutely love the Hairy Pony 2 in 1 Detangle & Shine Spray. It’s an absolute must in our kit & came with us all the way to Tokyo to keep Genius’ enormous tail looking amazing!”

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  • Edwina Hutton-Potts

    Edwina is a 27 year old dressage rider based in the beautiful Southern Highlands, New South Wales. Edwina started riding when she was 7 years old after her family relocated to the country from Sydney & progressed from weekly riding lessons into a lengthy career in the show ring.

    In 2014, Edwina began her dressage career after purchasing her one-in-a-million schoolmaster - 'Heathmont Echo' - who also carried her to a number of career highlights in the show ring. Edwina's passion lies with dressage now, and she counts herself incredibly lucky to have a team of super young horses to train & compete with.

    "For me personally, a horse that looks well & performs well is the complete package, so I am incredibly thankful for the support of team Hairy Pony & the part they play in helping my team shine - literally!"

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  • Olivia Palfreyman

    Olivia is a dressage rider & coach from the Hunter Valley NSW. Olivia is fortunate enough to have a stable of young performance horses with whom she has enjoyed a lot of success across the Australian dressage & show arenas.

    "As an always-busy competitor & horse owner, I love my presentation products to go that extra mile without over-complicating our routines & Hairy Pony’s range of natural products has always stood out to me for that reason. My favourite product is still the Essential Oil Coat Conditioner, as it really helps the sensitive-skinned horses shine & be comfortable all year round. The Purple Toner Shampoo Bars come a close second as I do own a lot of white legs.”

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  • Rochelle & Allesandra King-Andrews

    Rochelle King-Andrews, Is an Australian FEI Grand Prix Dressage Competitor &
    Trainer. She is the head coach and trainer at  King Andrews Rider Training. . Rochelle conducts sold out clinics
    throughout Australia and New Zealand together with  her husband Greg Andrews ‘the horse whisperer’ .Their daughter Allesandra King-Andrews regularly competes and trains alongside them at their picturesque facility in the Hawkesbury Valley .


    Rochelle Is best known for her ability to train any horse to
    be happy and winning, she loves being able to make the horses enjoy their lives
    as athletes. Her favourite horses in her career she has produced from foal to
    Grand Prix.


    Rochelle loves and uses all the Hairy Pony Products, if she must choose one favourite the body brush is one she can’t live without!

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  • Elizabeth Wagnerberger (Germany)

    Sissi is a 26-year-old dressage
    rider, with a small private stable in Germany.

    She is currently competing in PSG and Inter I as well as breaking in her home-bred youngsters. In her teenage years she lived in New Zealand for 5 years where she first discovered her passion for dressage, whilst training with Louisa Hill.

    During her stay in New Zealand, she also did a bit of Showing with her American
    Miniature horses, which is why she now has a passion for turnout and loves making her horses look extra beautiful when they go out to compete

    “My go-to Hairy Pony products are the Plaiting Apron and Essential Oil Coat Conditioner. The Apron just makes braiding so easy and the Coat Conditioner is my secret weapon for hot oiling, especially around clipping time. It gives the coat that extra shine and keeps the horse's skin happy and irritation-free."

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  • Wayne Hinder

    Wayne Hinder is a NRHA Pro Trainer, living in South Australia. Wayne has trained cutting horses, cow horses and reining horses for over 40 years, spending 27 years in the USA honing his skills on some of the best horses in the world.

    Today he focuses primarily on reiners and cow horses, and campaigns his two stallions QP Gunshy and Reysn Hope all around Australia with much success. He prides himself on helping non pros chase their dreams and improve their horsemanship. 

    It’s the tail kit! Hard to narrow down to one item in it, but that’s the kit that first introduced us to the Hairy Pony range. With reiners, a beautiful mane and tail is part of the picture. Our show horses all need shiny, long and healthy manes and tails. The tail scissors are a must! Reiners are known for their bid sliding stops. Tails are kept trimmed to avoid pulling out precious tail hair. Our stallion has a huge tail, and the Hairy Pony scissors cut it like a hot knife through butter! 

  • Jodie Mara

     I have been riding since I was a kid, first in Pony Club, then Campdrafting however since 2017 I have found a love of Cutting Horses. The training,
    showing, loping and presenting the horses, I love it all! My highest achievement on my gelding Play Rey, aka Porky, has been the 2018 Area 4 Rookie Title and the 2021 Area 4 Reserve $75NP Title. Porky and I have had a successful 2023 so far competing throughout Qld, as well as bringing on a 3-year-old to hopefully show as his training progresses. 

    I fell in love with Hairy Pony products when sourcing prizes for our local cutting show and stumbled across the luxurious Tail Brushes which I was able to get engraved for the winners of each event. Ever since, I have been adding to my personal collection, currently, the Mud Brush is high on my favourite list due to its versatility. In cutting we acquire points on our horses ‘eye appeal’ so having perfectly groomed tails, shiny coats and removing those sweat marks are a must. The Hairy Pony range brings luxury, finesse and simplicity to the big sandpit and we love it!

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  • Koriana Osborne (New Zealand)

    Mitana Quarter Horse Stud is a family-owned Quarter Horse stud in based in Dunedin NEW ZEALAND. Here at Mitana we are extremely passionate about cultivating the best international bloodlines for the pleasure and performance riders of New Zealand. We pride ourselves on using top bloodlines from the USA, Australia, and New Zealand to ensure the quality of New Zealand's Quarter Horses remain at an international standard. 

    Here at Mitana we love all our Hairy Pony products, and you’ll never see us without them, especially on show day! but as our show team consists of a lot of golden ponies and white legs the Double Strength Purple Shampoo and Purple Toner Shampoo Bars are an absolute must have in our kit!

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