Tail care and grooming tips: Expert insights for pristine tails

Caring for your horse’s tail is an essential part of your grooming routine. Read below for our ambassadors’ top tips and preferred products to keep your horse's tail in top condition.

Cut your tail when it’s dry

"My tip is to always cut a dry tail. Some horses have curls that drop when wet, and if cut wet, you end up with a tail that's all different lengths once dry." - Olivia Palfreyman

Trimming techniques

"To trim, I gather the hair from the dock and follow down in a straight line. I use my finger as a guide and then using the Hairy Pony Trimming Scissors follow the finger and cut from either side of the tail." - Zoe Boyce

Accurate trimming is crucial for achieving a neat and even appearance. It's important to use sharp scissors that can get through the hair and make a neat line.

Washing and conditioning

"The Hairy Pony Natural Shampoo is my go-to product for a gentle cleanse that removes dirt without stripping oils." - Sally Bond

A clean tail is the foundation of good tail care. Using products like Hairy Pony's Natural Shampoo can effectively remove dirt and debris without harming the tail's natural moisture balance. This will make sure the tail keeps its natural shine.

Frequent detangling

"The Hairy Pony Detangle and Shine Spray works as a conditioning detangler, whilst also adding a brilliant shine to the tail." - Sally Bond

Regular detangling prevents knots and tangles. Make sure to use the Hairy Pony Detangle and Sine spray to ensure you are not pulling hair out when you are brushing. Less hair pulled out in the brushing process will leave you with a naturally thicker and fuller tail.

Protect the tail

"We keep our tails in tail bags to avoid snags, dirt, and sun bleaching." - Zoe Boyce

Using a tail bag can protect the tail from environmental damage, keeping it clean and reducing the risk of breakage.

Care for your false tails

"Similar care is taken for the false tails, washed using Hairy Pony Shampoo, left to dry, then rejuvenated with the Detangle & Shine Spray." - Sally Bond

False tails require maintenance similar to natural tails. Keeping them clean and conditioned ensures they blend seamlessly and last longer.

Tail care is an ongoing commitment, and if you make a habit of maintaining your horse’s tail – it will pay dividends in the long run. Incorporating these expert tips into your routine can help you achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful tail for your horse. Explore Hairy Pony’s range of tail care products to support your grooming practices and achieve the best results.

For more insights and tips from our ambassadors, visit our Learning Hub at Hairy Pony.

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