Perfecting Presentation: Tips from Tia Rose-McKenzie, Junior FEI Dressage Rider

Meet Tia Rose-McKenzie, a rising star in FEI Dressage hailing from New South Wales, Australia. Mastering the art of competition presentation is no small feat, requiring dedication and finesse tailored to each discipline. Luckily, Tia has graciously shared her top tips for achieving a flawless look in both dressage and showing competitions, highlighting key differences to ensure readiness when the season resumes after winter.

Presenting Your Horse for Dressage: When preparing Tom for competition, Tia's meticulous grooming regimen ensures he radiates in the arena. Regular grooming sessions throughout the day maintain Tom's sleek coat, enhanced by our Essential Oil Coat Conditioner as a daily conditioning spray. Tia also swears by managing Tom's naturally curly tail with the 2 in 1 Detangle and Shine, keeping it tangle-free and glossy. A tailored tail bandage shapes his tail neatly, complementing his groomed appearance.

Tia strongly believes that doing all of this helps strengthen her and Tom’s bond, ultimately boosting confidence for stellar performances in dressage.

Photo credit: Amy-Sue Alston

Presenting Yourself for Dressage: Just as Tom needs to look his best, so does Tia. Her preparation includes detangling her curly hair and securing it flawlessly with hairspray and a ballet hair doughnut, elegantly finished with a pearl band for a polished bun. This ensures Tia feels the most prepared and best presented she can be alongside Tom in the dressage arena.

Presenting Your Horse for Showing: Transitioning Tom's look for the show ring involves additional steps to ensure he shines under the spotlight. Using our Plaiting Kit and in particular, the Braiding Mousse, Tia can ensure his tail is braided neatly and securely to last all day. Tom's makeup, featuring black eye makeup and a clear gel for optimal shine, highlights his eyes and enhances his overall presence.

Presenting Yourself for Showing: In contrast to Tom's elaborate routine, Tia opts for a minimalist approach to her makeup—mascara and lip balm. This minimalist, natural approach keeps her looking sophisicated and clean while also allowing Tom to be the star of the show!

Tia emphasises that attention to detail in grooming reflects their shared dedication to the sport. Mastering competition presentation is key to achieving the desired 'polished picture,' elevating their performance in both dressage and showing arenas. With these expert tips, Tia ensures they are always prepared to dazzle and excel, whether in the precise elegance of dressage or the glamorous setting of the show ring.

You can follow Tia's journey with her lovely team of horse's here

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