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Hairy Pony

Eco-Friendly Purple Toner Shampoo Bar

Eco-Friendly Purple Toner Shampoo Bar

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The PURPLE TONER SHAMPOO BAR is an intense gold, brassy & urine stain remover for lighter coats. The ORIGINAL SHAMPOO BAR is suitable for all types of coats. 

100% Natural, Free from Artificial Ingredients & Fragrances!

Includes a Reusable Hessian Scrub Bag!

HAIRY PONY ECO FRIENDLY SHAMPOO BARS are a fantastic alternative to plastic bottles! Our specially-formulated bars are solid shampoo & not soap based, so they sud-up well for easy cleaning.

HAIRY PONY ECO FRIENDLY SHAMPOO BARS are a great eco-friendly, plastic-free option for your wash bay. Not only are they full of natural goodness, they are also cost efficient, as they lather up extremely well & avoid liquid spillage. 

Our HAIRY PONY ECO FRIENDLY SHAMPOO BARS contain Lemon Myrtle & Tea Tree Essential Oils which not only smell great, but also have anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties, helping to alleviate bacteria growth, soothe irritated skin & promote skin healing. 

Our HAIRY PONY ECO FRIENDLY SHAMPOO BARS are made using 100% natural ingredients, free from artificial ingredients & fragrances, and proudly made in Australia.


Wet the area you intend to wash on the horse. Place your HAIRY PONY ECO FRIENDLY SHAMPOO BAR into the hessian bag & rinse under water. Rub the bar into your horse's coat, mane or tail to produce a rich lather. Rinse with water when finished.

We recommend using the PURPLE TONER SHAMPOO BAR after washing stained areas with the ORIGINAL SHAMPOO BAR first, as it is very powerful. Use the same amount as an ORIGINAL SHAMPOO BAR & lather up in the coat, mane or tail. Leave for up to 5 minutes before rinsing. 


      PURPLE TONER SHAMPOO BAR: Sodium cocoyl isethionate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, cocoa butter, Incroquat BTMS-50, SLSAa (biodegradable), sodium lactate, hydrolysed oat protein, DL Panthenol (vitamin B5),  liquid Germall Plus, Lemon Mrytle Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil and Purple toner no.2

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      Customer Reviews

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 19 reviews
      Erin Playford

      Love the toner bar and the little scrubbing bag it comes with! Such a nice smell and got my ponies tail clean


      I do like these but I recommend you wear gloves 😅

      The best blue shampoo ever!

      My grey pony messes the back of his legs. I used this bar for the first time today and was thrilled by the quick clean up and easy rinse off. Good results without the blue tint! Also unlike other shampoo instead of the yuck colour staining as it gets washed down the legs, it Rinses clean


      I love that I don’t have to scrub with a brush, the fibre bag does it for me, and no wastage of shampoo or unwanted spills. Socks come up brilliant white.

      Janine Todd
      Love it !!!

      Love this so easy to use and beautiful white socks 😀

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